Other Events

The MRCSC would like to share with you information on some upcoming Events to Support your Caring Practices that might interest you.  Some are free offerings and some require registration fees; all require contacting the indicated link for registration.

Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI): 

Check the WCSI Events Calendar at https://www.watsoncaringscience.org/home/events-calendar/.

JAN 12 | Teaching Series with Jean   Caring Science as Sacred Science: A Watson Teaching Series, a 4-part virtual teaching series with guided readings. This is a unique opportunity to study with AAN’s ‘Living Legend’ honoree and world renown nursing theorist Dr. Jean Watson. NOTE: Registration closes January 8th! For advanced learners Limited Seating | 14 Contact Hours Available   LEARN MORE & REGISTER >
JAN 15 | Caritas Healing Connections   Caritas Healing Connections is a sacred and safe space for the Caring Science community to share healing modalities and connect with one another. Open to all FREE | 3rd Saturday every month   LEARN MORE >      

JAN 20 | Transpersonal Nursing as Ontological Artist   Reclaim the Art of Nursing. Deepen and ignite your passion for nursing through a 12-week, transformational journey delivered by WCSI Faculty Associate Mary Rockwood Lane. It is a sacred space to thrive and explore expressions of creativity in a small, supportive community of other nurses. WCSI Endorsed Program 12 Weeks | Online | 40 Contact Hours   LEARN MORE & REGISTER >
JAN 26 | Caritas Leadership Program   The Caritas Leadership Program™️ is a 6-month program that has been developed for individuals and hospital systems, nursing schools or other value/mission-driven organizations with a desire to develop and implement authentic care and value systems of Watson’s Caring Science within their workplace and beyond.   For Individuals & Systems and Advanced Caring Science Scholars / CNO’s   LEARN MORE & REGISTER >      

JAN 29 | Coming Home   Coming Home: Healing the Sacred Circle of Life-Death offers a gentle space to hold and support each other as a community, and through shared storytelling and aesthetic expression, take steps together to bring hope, by exploring the natural and inevitable experience of grief and loss.  Open to all 6 Weeks | Online   LEARN MORE & REGISTER >      

JAN 29 | Engaging Heart-Mind-Hands   Free webinar presented by Dr. Joseph Giovannoni, Dr. Marlienne Goldin and the Hawaii Association of Professional Nurses, Regional Caring Science Consortium on the lived experience of a Caritas Nurse Leader creating a caring, healing environment, with WCSI Faculty Associate, Grissel Hernandez. Open to all Free | Online   LEARN MORE >      

JAN 31 | Caring Science, Mindful Practice   A great introduction to Watson’s Caring Science, Caring Science, Mindful Practice is a free online course that provides tools for caring professionals to enhance professional caring practices in everyday work environments. Offered twice a year. WCSI Endorsed Program Free | 4 Weeks | Online | 20 Contact Hours Available   LEARN MORE & REGISTER >