The Massachusetts Regional Caring Science Consortium (MRCSC) is  a local grass roots forum that emerged from the Watson Caring Science Institute’s International Caritas Consortium (ICC) to increase local opportunities to explore the philosophy, ethics, and practices of Caring Science. This local consortium was founded by Dr. Lynne Wagner, EdD, MSN, RN, FACCE, CHMT, Caritas Coach, and Dr. Mary Mullany, DNP, APRN-BC, Caritas Coach, in March 2013. They posted an article in the state-wide distributed ANA Massachusetts Report on Nursing simply inviting nurses to informally and periodically gather together to reconnect with core values of nursing as a healing profession and restore an ethic of caring in health care systems. They introduced themselves, the Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI), and the premise that nurses struggle to keep the heart and art of nursing alive amidst the chaos of health care. They invited nurses to join together to “transform your nursing practice and health care settings with caring-healing approaches that center on caring for yourself, colleagues and patients.” Within two weeks of the published article, over 70 nurses from diverse clinical and leadership backgrounds responded, including recent graduates of the ANCC accredited Caritas Coach Education Program (CCEP). Participants have learned from each other’s experiences.

In 2015, the Consortium venue evolved from evening meetings every other month to semi-annual conferences, being hosted at institutions throughout Massachusetts.  The possibilities of caring practices for healing self, work environments, and larger systems are limitless and expand when health care providers intentionally gather and engage in meaning conversations around the philosophy, theories and practice of caring.  New participants are always welcome. As a grass root consortium, there are no fees to join.